Cribis ESG

Show your commitment towards Environment, Social and Governance

With Cribis ESG you can easily show to your suppliers and clients your commitment towards Environmental, social and governance themes

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What is it

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Let your partners know that you’re investing on sustainability with Cribis ESG, a reliable certificate of your commitment toward environmental, social and governance themes.


  • Improve the transparency level between operators and the reputation of the supply chain for investors and credit institutions
  • Give visibility to your suppliers towards the market.
  • Gain visibility: the publication of CRIBIS Esg certificate in your website allows you to let your commercial partner know that you’re investing on sustainability

How does it work

To evaluate a company today, looking at financial data is not enough. For SME and companies, committing towards sustainability has now become mandatory. ESG Criteria were created in 2005 by ONU as principles for responsible investments and they are now at the center of the public speech. They are a “compass” that will orient the choices of global development. In the near future, every company will move towards a sustainable development.

This is why CRIBIS has Created ESG, the first portal for SME and companies to certify their commitment towards ESG criteria.

You can easily apply for the certificate for free

Go to, insert your anagraphic data and fill the questionnaire

Once the certificate is obtained, you can publish it on your channels (social media or website)

Whoever visits your channels can click on the certificate, which has annual value, and see the entire questionnaire you’ve filled (all the answers you’ve given).

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