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Sales GO is CRIBIS service to find new clients, organize trade visits and make your sales force as efficient as ever.

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Sales Go is the CRIBIS service to find new clients, gain contacts and feedback of companies, and facilitate the sales network and supervisor processes.


  • Find the closest clients: you can search between all the 6 million companies in Italy.
  • Optimize trade missions: classify companies and keep track of your account’s feedbacks.
  • Easily organize the activities of the sales network by monitoring contacts and feedbacks on companies.
  • Simplify the communication flow between supervisors and accounts, via chat.


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How does it work

Sales GO is the CRIBIS service that helps companies to improve their business results by making the sales funnel more efficient, by helping you to find new contacts and information to visit clients that are more in target with your business.


Access via smartphone or tablet to all of the CRIBIS information on 100% of Italian companies.

Easily find new prospects with different research functions: free, filtered or by proximity

You will immediately have phone number, e-mail and all of the necessary information to start the commercial activity.

View all the companies searched on the map, with various levels of detailing.

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