Credit & Risk Management

According to the evidence of CRIBIS researches, Italian companies have a double profile: from one side there are companies struggling to stay on the market and obliged to close (8101 failures in the first half year of 2014, +5 % compared to 2013), and there are companies which reorganize themselves finding new ways to deal with change and survive.

Payment Study Observatory confirms that only 4 out of 10 companies pay suppliers on time, while 1 out of 6 (about 15%) pay more than 30 days after the deadline. The management of defaults is one of the main problems the companies must face. 81,4% of the companies in Italy have had serious problems to collect their unpaid credits in the last year.

There are also companies able to generate cash with proper credit and payment management.

Always companies have need of tools for financial planning, without losing the overall view of its customer portfolio. provides a wide range of services and business information to help you make the right decisions with security.


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