About Us

CRIBIS D&B was founded in 2009 after the acquisition of Dun & Bradstreet Italy by CRIF Group. CRIBIS D&B is specialized in the selling of business information, credit scoring and solutions for business decisions.

CRIBIS D&B is able to guarantee the highest quality standards and to cover the widest economic and commercial information on companies located worldwide, thanks to its belonging to D&B Worldwide Network. In addition to accurate and in-depht information CRIBIS D&B combines technology flexibility, advanced rating and scoring models and decision support systems to meet the needs of the market.

CRIBIS D&B collects millions of payment experiences in order to register the Italian and foreign companies' habits towards their suppliers.



Information, people and technology to support all business areas in the planning and management of their organizational processes.

Thanks to CRIBIS.com, the best platform for business information on the market, CRIBIS D&B supports every day thousand of people in their business decisions: from the phase of business development and internationalization to that of customer management and supply chain, to payments management and debt collection.

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