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Lead Acquisition

Businesses need best information about their foreign target markets, in order to be competitive and develop new business opportunities. Customer segmentation and the definition of the most interesting areas for business are key elements for a successful strategy.

Making commercial activity more effective and finding new customers thanks to CRIBIS! We provide qualified information about Italian and foreign enterprises. CRIBIS gives at your disposal services to analyze the portfolio and potential market.

Our sales solutions to identify new leads and segment them with specific information:

  • Sales Go is the App to optimize the activity of the entire sales network
  • MARGò is the new CRIBIS Marketing Intelligence platform to support the business growth. Margò provides analysis and targeting tools to increase turnover, manage the sales network, find prospects and develop the customer portfolio.

CRIBIS is the ideal partner to provide qualified information on Italian and foreign businesses, web-based services for the analysis of the portfolio and potential market, and data integration and lead management solutions. CRIBIS also guarantees coverage on 100% of Italian enterprises and 330 millions of companies around the world.

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Grow your revenue and find new customers: request 10 new leads for free to develop your business!

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Lead Qualification

CRIBIS provides qualified leads on companies operating in Italy and Abroad to help you improve your marketing and commercial activity.

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