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CRIBIS by the largest and the most updated information database supports enterprises for all business actions as the assessment of their own customers and reduction of credit risk. Our business information is steadily enriched by new sources and details. CRIBIS X, the platform for Credit Managers, provides commercial information and Credit Scoring on 100% of Italian businesses to evaluate new customers and effectively implement their Credit Policy. In addiction thanks to CRIBIS X it is possible to discover for each enterprise the linkages and corporate groups, the payment experiences, the credit line and the negative events.

Our evaluation solution to:

  • Go deeply about public institutes considering their economic-financial aspects, territorial analyzes and payment data
  • analyze business partners according to personalized parameters. The tool’ aim is supporting enterprises in their decision-making process
  • know the wealth of real estate information. They are available in CRIBIS X both from the Real Estate Advertising Office (Conservatory) and from the Land Registry.


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Commercial Information

CRIBIS provides commercial information and it supports thousands of businesses that have to make decisions every day: from the business development and market internationalization phase to customer management and supply chain, to payment management and debt collection.

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