CRIF is a global company that supports and creates value for financial operators, businesses and consumers so that they can easily make prompt and effective decisions.

CRIF supports worldwide the decision-makers:

  • banks
  • financial companies
  • insurances
  • utilities
  • companies
  • confide

with its complete range of information services and solutions for the management of credit and business risks and marketing.

CRIF Group is present worldwide in 47 countries and 4 continents (Europa, America, Africa e Asia) with:

  • 29 country-based operations
  • 70 subsidiary companies
  • 4.400 staff professionals to serve you
  • 6.300+ financial institutions
  • 55.000+ business clients
  • 310.000+ consumers
  • 20 countries with credit bureau solutions
  • 500+ software installations

For more informations on CRIF Group:

CRIF for your Company

To compete successfully and achieve profitability targets in increasingly complex markets, it is vital to be able to count on complete and up-to-date business information and assessment tools, which make it possible to make decisions quickly and efficiently.

CRIF's mission is to supply solutions to these needs.

Thanks to CRIBIS D&B, CRIF Rating Agency and CRIBIS Teleservice, CRIF offers its partners a range of integrated information solutions and decision support systems that are unique in the market in terms of technology, know-how and performance.

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