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Customer Portfolio

CRIBIS allows you to monitor and manage the customer portfolio with the aim of reducing exposure, past due payment and losses.

Our monitoring solutions to:

  • be always updated about your customers. You can analyze all clients and identify who need more attention. This could be possible thanks to our service that combines your internal data with the risk indicators and benchmarks on CRIBIS payments.
  • monitor the payment status of customers, partners and suppliers
  • monitor business partners and take the best corporate actions

Many businesses have to keep themselves always up-to-date about any daily changes that attend in the client portfolio, as demographic changes, changes in the balance sheet, legal and negative events, changes in corporate management, changes in payment behavior, credit scoring and overdraft. Through our notification services, you keep track of all variations in order to suit your needs. So, it is a custom solution to decide which kind of information you would receive and which one no.

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Access the largest system of information on the payment behavior of Italian companies and find out how your customers pay other companies.

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D&B OnBoard

D&B OnBoard helps companies that operate in foreign markets to retrieve and manage information about suppliers, partners and clients by supporting in the process of identification, verification and management of reputational risk.

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Corporate Groups

Find out if a company is part of a national or international group and get to know more than 185.000 national and foreign companies.

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Get all the information you need to evaluate a company around the world with D&B Credit, the solution to manage your portfolio abroad.

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