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CRIBIS Credit Management supports businesses to implement an efficient credit management process by offering the most advanced tools to reduce collection times and decrease credit losses. With over 500 debt collection specialists and more than 1.5 million practices managed just in one year, CRIBIS CREDIT MANAGEMENT provides organizational, methodological and consultancy support as well as services for the entire credit management process.

Our collection solutions to:

  • Have an integrated credit management. It is the method created by CRIBIS Credit Management to be alongside of customers starting from the enrichment of their data up to the execution phase.
  • to deduct the losses caused by credits not collected
  • to offer the most advanced tools for the correct management of your business portfolio

Each business needs a set of tools for financial planning, without losing the overall view of its customer portfolio. CRIBIS provides a wide range of services and business information to help you make the right decisions with security.

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