International Credit Report

CRIBIS belongs to Dun & Bradstreet Worldwide Network, the network of the best local business information suppliers that is managed from Dun & Bradstreet, so provides access to information on companies around the world. provides highly flexible solutions, with varying degrees of depth and complexity, which allow you to decide in complete safety, with data that assess the riskiness of a particular company and data that allow you to identify potential partners, customers or suppliers abroad. The information for the export includes a range of products dedicated to the analysis of country risk, useful when you need to evaluate the expansion of its activities abroad.

Particularly, through you can access: 

  • Business Report on over 250 million companies in 230 countries
  • Sales Lead qualified and enriched by data like Business sector, country, company size, Group Membership
  • Advanced solutions for finding new clients, the assessment of business risk and country risk
  • Sectoral data: reports about industrial sectors, statistics, comparative analyzes between companies within the same sector


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