Evaluate public istitutions

Get access to all the necessary information to evaluate more than 25.000 public institutions like Municipalities, Cities, Healthcare, Regions and much more!

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What is it

CRIBIS PA Report is the complete information report regarding over 25,000 public entities for the evaluation of companies in Public Administration.


  • Evaluate the companies that operate in the public administration area with an easy-to-read Business Report.
  • Learn more about the economic framework with a score that indicates the health status of the territory in which the public institution operates.
  • Get updates on changes in the public institutions that are being monitored.
  • Learn more about the PA suppliers are via a process of calls monitoring to intercept even the smallest direct procurement.

How it works

The CRIBIS PA Report simplifies the job of anyone who needs to evaluate the companies that operate in Public Administration or on behalf of that,

The Business report contains the Score Pa, an indicator that evaluates the institution considering the economic-financial aspects, the territorial analysis and payments data. The report gives a territorial score that indicates the status of the territory in which the public institution works and the status of that territory’s economic framework.

You have Paydex available and the public institution payment data.

Discover the PI suppliers list, realized via the monitoring of the public calls.

Get timely updates on every variation

Access all the information on Municipalities and Municipalities Union, Provinces, Metropolitan areas, regions, Healthcare, Universities, Schools etc.

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