Credit Risk Management

CRIBIS X allows you to translate commercial and credit management strategies into operational tools to evaluate new customers and reduce DSO, unpaid dues and losses.

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What is it

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CRIBIS X helps you to keep track of your client portfolio status and suggests you which clients need more attention.


  • Reduce DSO, overdue credits and losses thanks to a careful evaluation of the clients
  • Transform credit policy in operative instruments with information that can be tailor to credit goals, with the possibility to integrate data, analyze credits and take advantage of customized and coherent evaluations
  • Monitor and manage the client portfolio by comparing the clientele reliability and exposition

Optimize the decision-making process with the commercial network, you’ll also have the possibility of managing the credit limit authorization process via tablet and smartphone

  • Access all necessary information to evaluate the business partners. You can also rapidly navigate between different contents and use generic data or company’s internal keys in your research

How does it work?


With CRIBIS X, you are able to upload your client portfolio into the system, so that you can monitor it at all time. In addition to that, is possible to evaluate new clients with in depth Business Reports generated by CRIBIS information assets

Evaluate companies in real time and find out how reliable they are from a commercial standpoint.

Support the Credit Manager activities in the evaluation of commercial partners.

You can implement your credit policy by integrating data, analyze credits and take advantage of personalized on point evaluations.

Access commercial information and Credit Scoring on 100% of the Italian companies to discover every company ties and corporate groups, the payment experiences, the exposure, negative events and much more.

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