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What is it

Margò By Cribis White

Margò is the marketing intelligence platform that supports companies. It provides analysis and targeting tools on 100% of Italian companies to find new prospects and expand the client portfolio.


  • Create lists of companies and give priority to your sales actions: you can develop and segment your customer base with more than 300 filters.
  • Find the best prospects with an easy-to-use search engine that helps you pinpoint the most promising companies to contact.
  • Create commercial campaigns to provide the agents network with sales goals, to monitor performances and set challenges among accounts to increase revenues.
  • Get analysis and market maps to get a better look at the sector and markets of your client portfolio.
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How does it work?

Margò is the marketing intelligence platform that is accessible via Web on all devices nd allows to manage a major number of marketing and sales activity:

  • Allows to develop value on customer base contracts, efficiently organizing the sales network with new and updated data from CRIF analytics, social and web sources.
  • Allows to find the best prospect to contact via a market analysis, a penetration rate analysis and growth potential.
  • Helps find new clients with an "automatic research" system in which the best potential prospect are identified.
  • Improves campaign management with an integrated sales tool that gathers feedbacks and monitor salesmen performances.

Segment and analyze the client portfolio with updated personal data on more than 6 million companies

Identify prospects similar to your most profitable customers with Margò A.I. technology and the Similarity Score.

Analyze the penetration rate on the markets and your growth potential

Define the strategy for the launch of new products, identify the best market’s target.

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