D&B OnBoard

Foreign companies compliance

D&B OnBoard helps companies that operate in foreign markets to retrieve and manage information about suppliers, partners and clients by supporting in the process of identification, verification and management of reputational risk.

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What is it?

Dnb Onboard REV

D&B OnBoard is the best solution to measure compliance among businesses and gain information on your company's main finance investors.


  • Improve the process of Supplier register qualification with the analysis of the reputational and compliance risks.
  • You save time because you are not committing your internal resources to long verification processes.
  • Rapidly identify the beneficial owners.

How does it work

D&B Onboard is the Dun & Bradstreet solution that helps identify all the Beneficial Owners associated to a company with  three steps:

  • Identification and verification of the existence and identity of the company
  • Verification of the company links and ownership
  • Risks screening for the companies that are partners.

Finding out if the commercial partners are responsible towards their shareholders allows you to forecast their actions and their decision-making process.

Protect the company by minimizing the negative effects of misconducts from the company’s partner and their investors.

Carefully monitor all the negative events related to a business

Gain a clear view on all the individual that have an interest towards the profit flow of the company

You know how the shareholders network is structured.

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