Subsidized Financing

With CRIBIS Radar you can discover all best solutions and the regulations of the subsidized financing with support throughout the process and access to financing

Find the right call for your company!

What is it?

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CRIBIS Radar stems from the collaboration between CRIBIS and Credit Data Research Italia. Radar helps companies to find the best subsidized financing solutions: straight grants, easy financing, tax credit and much more.


  • Did you know that every year, more than two billion euros in financing are available for companies? With CRIBIS Radar you can find the best Subsidized Financing Solution in a fast and simple way.

You will have all the support that you need: with CRIBIS Radar, the highly skilled personnel of Credit Data research Italia will help you in the optimization of the process, from the initial request to the final follow-up

How does it work?

Part of CRIBIS X Platform, CRIBIS Radar is the service that keeps you updated on all Subsidized Financing solutions: by applying the filters, you can rapidly look for the best suited call for your company. CRIBIS Radar will only show active calls that guarantee a good amount of resources and reasonable eligibility parameters.

Find the right call to make your business grow.

Get a clearer view of the technical aspects of the call: summary, who is entitled to participate, benefits and operativity.

Save time: our analysts will help you find the best solutions for your necessities.

CRIBIS Radar will provide you with the necessary tools to access the right Subsidized Finance opportunities.

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