Supplier Register - Management and Vendor rating

Management and Vendor Rating

Get lists of companies complete with all the information to enrich the Supplier Register with new Italian and foreign suppliers.

What is it

Supplier Registry

Verify your suppliers compliance and Reduce Risk by evaluating your partners sustainability


  • Optimize costs and mitigate risks related to the supply chain.
  • Verify and qualify suppliers to find the most reliable partners for the different product categories
  • Verify the suppliers’ compliance. More than ever, the public opinion’s attention focuses on Corporate Social Responsibility. Therefore, companies have adopted various procedures to make sure that the entire supply chain respects the compliance requirements.
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How does it work

To expand the Suppliers Register with new and reliable Italian and foreign suppliers, CRIBIS provides lists of companies with all the relevant information like affiliations, industry sector, nation, company size, riskiness level and more.


Inside the Business Report you can find the vendor rating, a tool that evaluates suppliers according to CRIBIS information: it measures solidity and reliability. The Vendor Rating helps you monitor suppliers by evaluating behaviors, prices, financial stability and work quality.


• Build strong relations with strategic suppliers

• Get a precise client portfolio profiling

• Get a specific evaluation, updated for each company.

• Put in place concrete actions with highly valued strategic information

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Web based solution to monitor and manage the suppliers registry in Italy and abroad.

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