International Suppliers Management

Web based solution to monitor and manage the suppliers registry in Italy and abroad.

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What is it?

Portfolio Manager Supplier is an analysis tool that integrates the Supplier Register data with business information on Italian and international companies.


  • Easily manage the suppliers registry, identify the best suppliers and the least performing ones according to their importance
  • Evaluate the current procurement policy with a clear view of the positive and negative variations of the suppliers
  • Get to know and segment the expenditure level on single clients and on an aggregate level.
  • You’ll get the elements to define the consequent purchase politics and cut cost, with the possibility to manage and compare suppliers’ registries coming from different nations or different departments.
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How does it work

Portfolio Manager Supplier is Dun & Bradstreet web-based solution to manage and monitor the suppliers registry in Italy and Abroad. An online analysis tool that integrates your data with the key information on Italian and foreign companies to help you define the best strategy to keep track and monitor the Suppliers registry.

Segment the suppliers registry by categories like geographic area, dimension, company’s age and more

Calculate the dependency ratio and identify the suppliers that are also clients.

Identify the links between the companies in the suppliers portfolio to get a clear view on the total expenditure, even on a group level

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