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Get to really know who you do business with and find out if your customers are reliable thanks to CRIBIS Business Information on over 330 million companies worldwide!

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Commercial Information

CRIBIS helps companies evaluating solvency and reliability of a client or supplier to take the best possible decisions.


  • Get to know the financial health of over 330 million companies all over the word with CRIBIS and Dun & Bradstreet Worldwide Network partnership.
  • Evaluate solvency and reliability of a client or supplier, for a better management of credit risk.
  • Gain a concrete advantage in every phase of your business: from development and internationalization of the markets, customer management and supply chain to the payments management and debt collection.

What do CRIBIS Business report contain?

CRIBIS Business Reports are available inside CRIBIS X platform. They contain detailed commercial information that comes from both official data and added value data like Fido, D&B Paydex, Payment experiences and CRIBIS D&B Rating.

Real-time Value added data on 100% of limited companies, partnerships, individual enterprises.

Payment behaviors on over 80% of the requested records.

Public information on 100% of the Italian companies, 5 budgetary annuities and indexes on all limited companies

Office holders and qualifications on 100% of the Italian companies, negative information related to the company, on partners and businesses links and investee companies.

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CRIBIS X allows you to translate commercial and credit management strategies into operational tools to evaluate new customers and reduce DSO, unpaid dues and losses.

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Real Estate Data

With CRIBIS you have access to the widest wealth of information on the real estate data of companies, to get to know your business partners better By getting access to the real estate information of a company, is possible to have a precise and objective profile about the solidity of a company, while at the same time understanding the real consistency of its real estate assets.

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