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Buy and sell fiscal credits in the first digital italian market.

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What is it

Tax Credit Place

Tax Credit Place is an innovative marketplace to buy and sell fiscal credit, developed by Crif in collaboration with workinvoice and with the support of PWC.


  • You can count on CRIF large information assets, thanks to which the products and users subscribed to the platform will be carefully evaluated and analyzed.
  • Reduce commission cost.

  • Access a marketplace that makes demand and offer meet, eliminating the potential inefficiencies of the market.

  • Save time: the compliance process is done online, as the it is the process of buying and selling. Doing everything online makes you save a lot of time, compared to the traditional offline market.

How does it work

Who is Tax Credit Place for? For construction businesses that have obtained credits, to banks, financers, legal persons who have bought credit or have obtained it as a counterpart from natural persons and companies

The new “super Ecobonus” stands as an alternative to the direct use of deduction. The ecobonus allows you to obtain an early contribution as a discount from services and goods suppliers, or for credit assignment. An important news that gives the people who receive credit (like construction companies) the possibility to assign, paving the way to the creation of market where offer and demand meet. Learn more at

Monetize fiscal positions in excess or buy credits at advantageous economic conditions

The value of the credits that you buy doesn’t depend on stock market fluctuations

Obtain annual revenues that are potentially higher than other asset with the same class of risk

Take advantage of the “DL Rilancio” facilitation

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