Credit Assignment

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Gain Fiscal advantages trough the assignment of bad debts

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What is it

Credit Assignment

CRIBIS Credit Management, the CRIF’s Group business specializing in credit management and credit recovery services, draw up a procedural process that allows you to reduce the tax impact of your debts.


  • Reduce the economic losses and save money with the diminution of the balance sheet-profit.
  • Gain legal advantages, in respect to the law related to credit assignment
  • Cut management costs on non-performing loans by employing the company internal recourses in a different way.
  • Write a coherent balance sheet that represents the economic and patrimonial situation and satisfies what is required in terms of veracity and transparency in book entries.

How does it work?

Taking away the losses for missed credits, guarantees immediate fiscal saving, thanks to the balance income-sheet profit loss. CRIBIS Credit Management, a Crif’s Group society specialized in credit management and debt collection services, together with the most qualified financial intermediaries of the Ufficio Italiano Cambi, has come up with a procedure that allows companies to reduce the fiscal impact of irrevocable credits.



Via a non-recourse assignment, the transferer can take at cost in the income statement, the import that comes from the difference between the credit nominal value and the assignment value.

Whenever the company decides to go with the non-recourse assignment, the business must define the existence and the exact amount of the fund.

For company of people or sole proprietorship, the money saved varies depending on the taxable income (remember that irpef is tax brackets)

If the capital company goes to the loss of assigned receivables, with an empty bad debt provisions, the company has the chance to save 24% (the IRES rate) on taxes related to the amount of losses.

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