Tuesday, July 10, 2018

CRIBIS launches CRIBIS X: the new way to manage the commercial credit

CRIBIS X is the new platform dedicated to the Credit Managers’ world. Complete, easy, customizable and multichannel, CRIBIS.com X brings a new way to manage the commercial credit.
Credit management is one of the main driver for companies' success and CRIBIS, partner with leader firms of many sectors and with over 15.000 Italian SMEs, continues to innovate, launching CRIBIS X, the new platform dedicated to the Credit Managers’ world (for more information visit www.cribiscomx.com).
CRIBIS X converts business and credit management strategies into operative tools that allow companies to judge new clients, to monitor and organize clients’ portfolio, to optimize decisional process with commercial network, reducing DSO, expired and losses.
Handling the credit has never been so easy!

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Thanks to CRIBIS X, companies will have under control the clients’ portfolio and, at the same time, know quickly which clients need more attention: it is able to provide an analysis about the portfolio area that joins internal data, risk trigger and benchmark about CRIBIS payments, while always having the control about delays, exposure and expired. Equally, the interaction of CRIBIS X allows to browse quickly inside the information database of CRIBIS, identifying the highlights.
CRIBIS X is complete, easy, customizable and multichannel.

All the information to know and evaluate your clients: CRIBIS X gives you the biggest information data available in the market and constantly improved.

•    CRIBIS X allows you to quickly operate in problematic situations.
•    CRIBIS X permits you to efficaciously implement the Credit Policy.
•    With CRIBIS X it is easy to immediately find the most important information.
•    CRIBIS X makes “CRIBIS Sales Go” available, a mobile app that quickly identifies the best companies to go into business with.
•    With CRIBIS Sales Go it is possible to optimize the process of distribution network.


Get a free report with CRIBIS X!



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