Wednesday, July 4, 2018

CRIBIS Payment Study Italy Q2 2018: general improvements and challenges in the South

 According to what emerged from the payment study developed by CRIBIS during June 2018, the number of firms that pay on time reached 36.7%, increasing by 0.8%. On the other hand, the invoices payed with a delay of over 30 days slightly decreased (10.7% during July 2018 against 11.1% during July 2017).

The North Eastern region of Italy keeps to be considered the most reliable geographic area, recording the 45.5% of payments in time, compared to the 6.8% of delays of over 30 days. It is also positive the trend of the North West, with the 42.1% of companies with regular payments and just the 7.8% in great lateness, in line with the recorded data during the previous trimester. Less positive is the situation in the center, whose data is below the national average. However, companies from the South show the highest percentages of delay: only the 23.3% of the firms in this area respects the payment terms.

Download the full analysis from the CRIBIS Community!

Financial companies score the best results, followed by the firms of the industrial and productive sector, which show, among all the sector of CRIBIS’s analysis, the lower percentage of companies that pay over 30 days of delay (only the 7.7%). The retail trade sector is confirmed as the one with the highest percentages of delay: during July 2018 the firms that pay on time were the 26.4%, against the firms with delays over 30 days (17%) and a big number of realities (56.6%) recorded delay within 30 days.

The study highlights the punctuality of payments in the micro realities, that comply with the expiry 37.9% of the cases, but that record the highest number of delays over 30 days (12.2%). Small firms are regular payment wise in the 35.6% of the cases, against the 6.9% of serious delays. When it comes to greater realities only 12% of the businesses are considered good payers, while 5.1% tends to gather important delays and the 82.9% repays its supplier with over 30 days of delay.





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