Monday, December 16, 2019


This study were processed by CRIBIS and it collected by the DUNTRADE program. Transactions are analyzed in detail for each country paying attention to any change compared to the previous years.

Particularly payment habits are based on the companies for which Paydex is available. This index is a statistical indicator that evaluates past payment experiences which is generated only if there are at least three payment experiences related to three different suppliers.

The payment study carried out in December 2018 except for Italy whose data are updated in the Q1 of 2019. CRIBIS analyzed the payment habits of 34 countries around the world presenting trends in the various geographic areas of reference.

In Europe, 42.8% of companies respect the payment terms. In particular, at the national level, Poland is the most virtuous country with 79.3% of companies on time in commercial payments. The following to complete the top three positions are Netherlands and Germany with respectively 73.8% and 67.1%. While at the bottom of the European ranking there are Romania and Portugal with percentage of 20.3 and 14.2.

Within the European scenario, Italy has in an intermediate position with 35.5% of on-time payers.

About Asian countries, in 2018 Taiwan registered an increase in on-time payments (75.5%). In Hong Kong the situation seems to be improving: the percentage of on-time companies was 32%, showing an increase of 1.1 percentage points compared to December 2017. On the other hand, companies that pay more than 90 days late are 2.3% of the total, so 0.2% points less than last year.

Stable performance are recognized in the United States that also show good performance in 2018: 57.1%  companies pay off their debts respecting the deadline.



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