Cribis iTrade

Information about payments

CRIBIS has over 50 years of experience and manages the most extensive information system on commercial payment behaviour available on the Italian market.

The commercial payments are the core of value proposition because represent a picture more current and update of the state of health company and they are a fundamental component for the Credit Scoring performance of For this reason, CRIBIS increase your information assets on commercial payments.

CRIBIS iTRADE is the first system for information sharing on the commercial credit between CRIBIS and the participant companies in Italy. CRIBIS iTRADE allows to access to the objective information assets and managed by a “neutral” subject, that is not influenced by conflict of interests or sectoral dynamics. In this way, the information is an objective profile of the company as a payer of B2B transactions.




To guarantee the stability and consistency of information assets, in CRIBIS iTRADE the single accounting movement or the single invoice not coincides with the payment experience. Infact this is generated by the conjoint analysis of all business transactions (invoices, payments, unpaid, ect..) that exist between a client company and its supplier in the past 12 months.

This is a weighted moving average that:

  • deliver from the analysis of 12 months of data
  • depends on the credit analyzed, that is the amount of credit that are the regular result or delayed every month
  • is updated monthly

When there are at least 3 different experiences, the D&B Paydex was genereted and it defines the company’s profile like a payer statistically evaluating the historical performance of payments to the suppliers and photographing the payment behavior company of interest.




Payments Study

CRIBIS extent information assets on payments delay is very wide, so there is the realization of payments study, a quarterly Observatory on payments behavior of Italian companies.

The payments study provides different levels of analysis by size, region, sector and historical trend, allowing to analyze the payment behavior phenomenon. So, the Payments Study is the main benchmark for payments and its data are used by national, local and sectorial newspapers in Italy.

Every year the comparing of Italian behavior ,with the major European and international reality, is presented in a major conference.




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